"There are only three places you need to sit down, shut up and do exactly as your told: Prisons, asylums, and schools. 
This needs to change."  

- Harry Roman, Inventor, 
  author and educator
Welcome to Mr. Kenneth Zushma's Page.
Mr. Zushma is an educator who believes that students and teachers learn best by participating in hands on - minds on tasks that inspire innovation and creativity.  Hover over his name on the left to choose the area of this site that is right for you.
Mr. Zushma's Classes Include:
Mr. Zushma's Education Includes:
*  Bachelor of Science in Industrial Arts & Technology Education

*  Master of Arts in Educational Leadership 

*  NASA Endeavor Fellow

*  NJ Teacher of Industrial Arts

*  NJ Teacher of Technology Education

*  NJ Principal License 

*  NJ Supervisor Licence